Marcie Maxwell - 2004 Renton Citizen of the Year

September 26, 2004 
City of Renton 
Press Release 
Marcie, a successful Windermere Realtor for more than 15 years, is known in the business, education, political and arts communities as a prolific volunteer with a passion for public education and desire to help children succeed. 
An elected Renton School Board Director serving as Board President this year, Marcie is the board legislative representative for both Renton and the Washington State School Directors Association. She is past president of the Renton Area PTA Council, past president of both the Maplewood Heights PTA and Hazen High PTSA, and has co-chaired successful levy and bond issue efforts. 
Marcie is past chairman of the Greater Renton Chamber of Commerce, heads the organization's Community Development Committee, and is on the Renton Blue Ribbon Council. She recognizes outstanding teachers by co-sponsoring the Ahead of the Class Excellence in Education Awards and co-hosts the Realtors Tour of Renton. As an active member of the Renton Rotary Club, she serves on that organization's Youth of the Month Committee. Marcie is also a founding board member of the Kennydale Neighborhood Association. 
She is a founding board member of the Renton Community Foundation as well as a personal donor and grant advisor for the Foundation's Maxwell Fund for Youth & Families. Speaking on her commitment to offering opportunities through the foundation, Marcie said, "As a family, we wanted to make our community a better place to live. We believe if you give people the resources, they can accomplish great things.” 
Superintendent Dolores Gibbons wasn't surprised by the award. She knows first-hand of Marcie's dedication to the communities that make up the Renton School District. "I'm always amazed at Marcie's ability to juggle her responsibilities to the children of this district as an elected School Board representative, with her full-time successful career and endless community activities,” said Superintendent Gibbons. "She cares about children, believes in our teachers and staff, and possesses the energy and talent to do everything impeccably.” 
Renton's Mayor, Kathy Keolker-Wheeler, is likewise well-aware of Marcie's never-ending community spirit. "Marcie takes the concept of action to a new level,” said Mayor Keolker-Wheeler. "She has great initiative, incredible dedication and outstanding commitment to finding solutions to many community needs.”