2010 Endorsements


The Seattle Times
The Renton Reporter
The Mercer Island Reporter
The Issaquah Press
Northwest Asian Weekly
American Federation of Teachers Washington, AFL-CIO
Amalgamated Transit Union Legislative Council of WA State
Bellevue Firefighters, IAFF Local 1604
Carpenter's Local 1797
Cascade Bicycle Club
Children’s Campaign Fund “Champion for Children”
Council of Metropolitan Police and Sheriffs
Equal Rights Washington
International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers, Local 17
King County Police Officers' Guild
League of Education Voters "Strategic Partner"
Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association
Mental Health Advocacy PAC
Mercer Island Firefighters
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
National Women’s Political Caucus
Nurses, UFCW Local 141
Physical Therapy Association of Washington
Planned Parenthood Votes! Washington
Public School Employees of Washington
Renton Chamber of Commerce 
Renton Firefighters, IAFF Local 864
Retired Public Empoyees Council of WA
Save Washington Pets
Seattle King County REALTORS
Seattle Police Officers' Guild
SEIU Healthcare 775 NW
SEIU Local 925
SEIU Health Care 1199 NW
Sierra Club, Cascade Chapter
Stand for Children Washington
Street Pavers, Sewer, Watermain & Tunnel Workers, Laborers Local 440
The Amateur Law Professor, Washington Legal News
United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters, Local 32
Washington Association for Career and Technical Education
Washington Association of REALTORS
Washington Conservation Voters
Washington Education Association
Washington Fire Chiefs
Washington State Association of Pulmbers & Pipefitters
Washington State Building & Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO
Washington State Nurses Association PAC
Washington State Patrol Troopers Association
Washington State School Retirees PAC
Washington Teamsters Legislative League
WACOPS, Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs
41st District Democrats
King County Democrats
Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle
Young Democrats of King County
Young Democrats of the University of Washington
Washington State Young Democrats
Washington Stonewall Democrats


(Note - official titles of individuals are listed for identification purposes only and are not intended to imply organization endorsements.)
Tom Albro, Commissioner, Port of Seattle
Sam Amira, Commissioner, King County Water District 90
Bob Anderson, School Board Director, Colville
Ric Anderson, Commissioner, Coal Creek Utility District
Lesley Austin, Former School Board Director, Issaquah
Claudia Balducci, City Council Member, Bellevue
Jack Barry, Former City Council Member, Sammamish
Dr. Janet Barry, Retired Superintendent, Issaquah School District
Bruce Bassett, City Council Member, Mercer Island
Greg Bawden, School Board Director, Riverview
Susan Blake, Former City Council Member & Former School Board Director, Mercer Island
Sue Bowman, Commissioner, Valley Medical / Public Hospital District 1
Pat Braman, School Board Director, Mercer Island
Dr. Don Bressler, Former President, Renton Technical College
Terri Briere, City Council Member, Renton
Judy Bushnell, Former School Board Director, Bellevue
Fred Butler, City Council Member, Issaquah
Joanne Cisneros, Chair, WA State Latino Caucus
Judy Clibborn, State Representative, 41st District
Lisa Conners, School Board Director, Auburn
Dow Constantine, King County Executive
Randy Corman, City Council Member, Renton
John Creighton, Commissioner, Port of Seattle
Aubrey Davis, Former Mayor, Mercer Island
Brian Deagle, School Board Director, Issaquah
Michael DeBell, School Board Director, Seattle
Barb DeMichele, Former School Board Director, Issaquah
Lynn Desmarais, School Board Director, Renton
Grant Degginger, City Council Member & Former Mayor, Bellevue
Dr. Adair Dingle, School Board Director, Mercer Island
Deb Eddy, State Representative, 48th District 
Rudy Edwards, Former School Board Director, Snoqualmie Valley
Doug Eglington, School Board Director, Lake Washington
Leslie Ferrell, Past School Board Director, Mercer Island
Mary Fertakis, School Board Director, Tukwila
Connie Fletcher, Former School Board Director, Issaquah
Todd Franceschina, School Board Director, Renton
Ava Frisinger, Mayor, Issaquah
Janet Frohnmayer, School Board Director,  Mercer Island
Jean Garber, Former Mayor & City Council Member, Newcastle
Dr. Dolores Gibbons, Retired Superintendent, Renton School District
Doug Gibbs, Retired Chief, King County Fire District 40
Dick Gidner, Commissioner, King County Water District 90
Mary Jane Glaser, School Board Director, Tahoma
Ken Glass, Former School Board Director, Mercer Island
Mike Grady, City Council Member, Mercer Island
Dan Grausz, City Council Member, Mercer Island
Randy Gordon, State Senator, 41st District
Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, State Representative, 46th District
Lloyd Hara, King County Assessor
Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel, Superintendent, Renton School District
Claudia Hirschey, Former City Council Member, Newcastle
Ken Hoben, Former School Board Director, Renton
Gerald "Scott" Hodgins, School Board Director, Snoqualmie Valley
Rob Holland, Commissioner, Port of Seattle
Kristy Hoover Trione, Former School Board Director, Snoqualmie Valley
Dan Hubbell, Former City Council Member, Newcastle
Don Jacobson, Commissioner, Valley Medical / Public Hospital District 1
Fred Jarrett, Former 41st District State Senator & King County Deputy Executive
Susan Kaplan, Former School Board Director, Mercer Island
Tim Knue, Executive Director, WA State Assn for Career & Technical Education
Dr. Gary Kohlwes, Retired Superintendent, Renton School District
Denis Law, Mayor, Renton
Marko Liias, State Representative, 21st District
Gary Locke, Former Governor, Washington State
Mike Lowry, Former Governor, Washington State
Marnie Maraldo, School Board Director, Issaquah
Chris Marks, School Board Director, Bellevue
Tola Marts, City Council Member, Issaquah
Robert McBeth, Retired Judge, King County District Court
Maureen McCarry, PhD, City Council Member, Issaquah
Mike Miller, Former Commissioner, Valley Medical / Public Hospital District 1
Steve Miller, Former School Board Director, Bellevue
Paul Mills, School Board Director, Bellevue 
Mark Mullet, City Council Member, Issaquah
Dr. Dave Myerson, School Board Director, Mercer Island
Janice Nelson, School Board Director, Auburn
John Nelson, Former Mayor, Mercer Island
Toni Nelson, Former City Council Member, Renton
Elliot Newman, Former Mayor, Mercer Island
Lori Oviatt, School Board Director, Riverview
Marcie Palmer, City Council Member, Renton
King Parker, City Council Member, Renton
Carolyn Parnell, Commissioner, Valley Medical / Public Hospital District 1
Jim Pearman, Mayor, Mercer Island
Don Persson, City Council Member, Renton
Linda Petersen, Former School Board Director, Kent
George Pieper, 6th District Commissioner, King County Civil Rights Commission
Dr. Gary Plano, Superintendent, Mercer Island School District
Joy Poff, Former School Board Director, Renton
Terry Pottmeyer, Former School Board Director, Mercer Island
Margarita Prentice, State Senator, 11th District
Sonny Putter, City Council Member, Newcastle
Debbie Ranniger, PhD, City Council Member, Kent
Rich Roodman, CEO, Valley Medical / Public Hospital District 1
Joshua Schaer, City Council Member, Issaquah
Verna Seal, City Council Member, Tukwila
Gerard Shellan, Retired Judge, King County Superior Court
Carol Simpson, City Council Member, Newcastle
Wayne Snoey, City Council Member, Covington
Dr. Milton Snyder, Former Superintendent, Federal Way School District
Lisa Strauch-Eggers, School Board Director, Mercer Island
Frederick Striker, Former School Board Director, Battleground
Steve Sundquist, School Board Director, Seattle
Albert Talley Sr, School Board Director, Renton
Gael Tarleton, Commissioner, Port of Seattle
Greg Taylor, City Council Member, Renton
Pam Teal, School Board Director, Renton
Rodney Tom, State Senator, 48th District
Carol Van Noy, School Board Director, Riverview
Velma Veloria, Former State Representative, 11th District
Suzanne Weaver, School Board Director, Issaquah
Brian Weinstein, Former State Senator, 41st District
Jan Woldseth Colbrese, School Board Director, Issaquah
Patty Wood, School Board Director, Kelso
Dave Upthegrove, State Representative, 33rd District 
Rich Zwicker, City Council Member, Renton


Keith & Audrey Adams, Renton
Lindsay Adams, Seattle
Esther Akrish, Mercer Island
Suzy Albrecht, Newcastle
Larry & Kim Alhadeff, Newcastle
Charlene Amira, Renton
Danielle Anderson, Bellevue
Liz Anderson, Seattle
Stuart Anderson, Bellevue
Evangeline "Van" Anderson, Bellevue
Bernice Andrew, Renton
Ahmad Attallah, Bellevue
John Aultman, Olympia
Pat Auten, Renton
Linda Ayers, Mercer Island     
Gary Barber, Renton     
Ray & Marge Barilleaux, Renton
Dr. Chris Barry, Renton
Jerene Battisti, Renton
Laura M Bay, Kitsap
Theresa Beauchene, Renton
Brent & Laurie Beden, Renton
Aaron Belenky, Renton
Dawn Bennett, Kent
David Bennett, Bellevue
Sean & Robin Bentley, Bellevue
Carrie & Greg Bergquist, Renton
Gerald & Janet Bertagni, Renton
Larry Betsch & Debra Merkel, Newcastle
Jo Bitney, Renton
J. Paul Blake, Renton
Karin Blakley, Newcastle
Pam Boeck, Mercer Island
Becky Bogard, Seattle
Sandra Bolden, Renton
Raul Bonillas & Joan Addington Bonillas, Renton
Mark & Carolyn Boatsman, Mercer Island
Sandra Bolden, Renton
Robert G. Bonner Jr., Renton
Jane Meyer Brahm, Mercer Island
Dan Braman, Mercer Island
Susan Bressler, Renton
Dale Bright & Cathi Bailey Bright, Shelton
Tom Brody, Bellevue
Lennon Bronsema, Seattle
Marie Brooks, Bellevue
Sally & Larry Brown, Mercer Island
Kim Browne, Renton
Agda Burchard, Kent
Cynthia Burns, Renton
P. Tracy Burris, Bellevue
Mary Burton, Renton
Judy Busch, Renton
Stephen & Karen Carpenter, Renton
Chris & Geri Carlson, Renton
Doreen Cato, Bellevue
Jay Causey, Mercer Island
Terry & Jane Chadsey, Seattle
Michael Chan, Seattle   
Bill Chapman, Mercer Island
Steven Chapman, Mercer Island
Carol Chappelle, Renton     
Betty Childers, Renton
Chuck & Donna Christenson, Renton
Kathleen Clancy, Bellevue
Amanda Clark, Mercer Island
Theresa Clymer, Renton
Tammy Coburn, Newcastle
Leon Cohen, Mercer Island
Brenda Collons, Renton
Kerry Cooley-Stroum, Seattle
Karen Cooper, Mercer Island
Andy Corman, Renton
Cathy Corman, Renton
Kenny & Anastasia Corman, Renton
Ronald & Ruthie Cornilles
Dave & Ginny Cottrill, Renton
Larry Crim, Renton
Pamela Crone, Seattle
Claudia & David Crowell, Bellevue
Alex & Norma Cugini, Renton
Robert Cummins, DC, Bellevue
Tom & Kathy Dahlby, Renton
Kate Daly & Frank Blanchette, Mercer Island
Jon & Marilyn Danielson, Renton
Eric Dawes, Bellevue
Tania de Sa Campos, Seattle
Matt Deasy, Bellevue
Garrett & Evelyn DeCerce, Renton
Kathryn Kafka Degginger, Bellevue
Doug & Marcia Delaurenti, Bellevue
Suzan Delbene, Medina
Steve Denison, Renton
Jackie Der, Mercer Island 
Jim Dierst, Mercer Island
Maryann DiPasquale, Renton
Dawn Diss, Renton
Steve Dobson, Renton
Elinor Dofredo, Seattle
Pat Droge, Renton
Pam Dunning, Renton
Erin Dziedzic, Sammamish
Denise Eider, Puyallup
Rich Erwin, Bellevue
Eric K. Evans, Bellevue
Katie Farver, Bellevue
Stephanie Fife, Renton
Aleta Finnila, Mercer Island
David Fish, Bellevue
Shari Fisher, Renton
Phil Flash, Mercer Island
Rick Franz, Sammamish
Janet Freiling, Seattle
Carol Friends, Mercer Island
Linda & John Galluzzo, Newcastle
Al Garman, Bellevue
Glenn & Ginny Garrett, Renton
Shontrana Gates, Seattle
Greg Gayle    
Barbara Geller, Mercer Island
GG Getz, Kirkland
Becky Gibbs, Renton
Karan & Lita Gill, Newcastle
Alex & Mindy Gillespie, Renton
Rand & Judy Ginn, Mercer Island
Ray & Lori Giometti, Renton
Scott & Elaine Goddard, Renton
Sonja Gores, Renton
Cody Gores, Renton
Rebeccah Graham, Mercer Island
Tammera Green, Renton
Kyle & Bre Grubbs, Renton
Cindy Haba, Mercer Island
David Habib, Bellevue
Peggie Hafner, Renton
Lucy Halela, Mercer Island
Sally Halela, Maple Valley
Lisa Halfon, Renton
Debbie Hancock, Renton
Maureen Hansen, Renton
Linda Hanson, Kirkland
Steve Hanson, Lynnwood
Scott & Dana Harbert, Newcastle
Debra Haroldson, Bellevue
Heinz Hecht, Bellevue
Anne Hetzel, Renton
Gene Heuschel, Renton
Jennifer Hiemstra, Newcastle
Janet Hill, Renton
Richard Hitch, Mercer Island
Nancy Hoben, Auburn
Lori & Steve Holman, Renton
Allison Holz, Renton
Greg Hoover, Sammamish  
John Horvath, Newcastle   
Evelyn Hou, Bellevue  
Ann R Howard, Bellevue
Bob Hughes, Mercer Island  
Rebecca Hyman, Mercer Island & Texas
Francisco "Frank" Irigon, Newcastle
Daisy Israel, Mercer Island
Michael Itti, Seattle
Bobbie Izuo, Bellevue
Pearl Jacobson, Renton
Fred & Helga Jaques, Renton
Jim Jacques, Renton
Mac & Sue Jahnke, Renton
Faye Janders, Renton
Susan Jarrett, Mercer Island
Collin Jergens, Bellevue
Mike & Vickie Jesse, Renton
Roxy Johnson, Renton
Brandon Jones & Katie Corman Jones, Renton
Maureen Judge, Mercer Island
Garry Kampen, Newcastle
Syam Kandru, Bellevue
Robbi Karpiak, Renton
Nancy & Dan Kellogg, Newcastle
Byron & Paula Kelly, Renton
Kris Kelsay, Mercer Island
David Kim, Bellevue
Debbie Kinson, Issaquah
Dr. Jeff Kanter, Mercer Island
Dr. Susan Kleiner, Mercer Island
Tim Knue, Mount Vernon
Stephanie Ko, Renton
Theresa Kokame, Renton
Lee Kraft, Mercer Island
Adria Krail, Renton
Harvey & Bea Kriloff, Bellevue
Melody Kroeger, Renton
Jane Kuechle, Issaquah
Ruthann Kurose, Mercer Island
Ray Kusumi, Renton
Sonny Kwan, Seattle
Sonja & Doug Kyes, Renton
Helen Lakeru, Newcastle
Gordon & Lisa Lam, Renton
James Lambka, Bellevue
Brian Larson, Renton
Pauline Lau, Mountlake Terrace
Patty Law, Renton
Michael Leahey, Mercer Island
Christie LeBar, Newcastle
Alan & Janie Lee, Newcastle
Steve & Joann Lee, Renton
Jay & Kathy Leviton, Renton
Ray & Diane Lewis, Newcastle
Ann Liberato, Renton
Steve Lingenbrink, Bellevue
Ruth Lipscomb, Bellevue
Andrea Lorig, Mercer Island
Matt Loschen, Redmond
Mary Lowry, Renton
Kirk & Alison Lupkes, Renton
Myra Lupton, Mercer Island
Lisa Macfarlane, Seattle
Susan Mahler, Seattle
Marleen Mandt, Renton
Michael Marchand, Bellevue
Gerry & Mary Marsh, Renton
Duane Mask, Newcastle
Karen Mask, Bellevue
Sharon Mast, Bellevue
Mary Love Mattox, Bellevue
Denise Maxwell, Renton
Erin Maxwell, Issaquah
Mike Maxwell, Renton
Tim McGrath, Beaux Arts
Ross McIvor, Bellevue
Bob McKay, Seattle
Robin & Scott McMahill, Renton
Jim Medzegian, Seattle
Judith Mercer, Bellevue
Donald Merino, Bellevue
Dick & Joan Merritt, Bellevue
Beverly Mezistrano, Mercer Island
Linda Middlebrooks, Renton
Bryce Miller, Renton
Susan Miller, Renton
Mark Minickiello, Federal Way
Richard E. Mitchell, Mercer Island
Maureen Monson, Renton
Liana Montague, Mercer Island
Pat Montgomery, Auburn
Anne A Moore, Bellevue
Clyde Moore, Newcastle
Jason Moore, Issaquah
Margaret Moore, Bellevue
Frank & Kathy Morrison, Mercer Island
James Morrison, Issaquah
Maggie Halela Mosholder, Redmond
Nahid Mozaffarian, Mercer Island
Kelly Munn, Issaquah
Miles & Bonnie Nelson, Bellevue
Alan Newhouse, Newcastle
Nancy Newman, Mercer Island
John & Polly Niblock, Renton
Rich & Becky Nickels, Selah
Barbara Nilson, Renton
Leo Novsky, Lynnwood
Donna Oberg, Renton
Donna O'Brien, Renton
Marisa Stone O'Brien, Mercer Island
Mike & Valerie O’Halloran, Renton
Dan & Joanne O'Neill, Bellevue
Vicki Orrico, Bellevue
Nancy G. Osborn, Renton
Marcie Israel Overbeck, Mercer Island
Jim Owens, Renton
Ann Oxrieder, Bellevue
Diane O. Paholke, Renton
Alan Painter, Mercer Island
Gary Palmer, Renton
Frances Parks, Mercer Island
Bev Parsons, Bellevue
Deborah Parsons, Seattle/Issaquah
Pat Patt, Bellevue
Nancy Patterson, Renton
Roger Paulsen, Renton
Tony Peacock, Newcastle
Mika Peart, Issaquah
JoAnn & Andy Peck, Renton
Vicky Persson, Renton
Rebecca Peterson, Renton
Michele Pewitt, Seattle
Mike & Katy Philips, Bellevue
Greg & Sherre Piantanida, Renton
Terry Pile, Mercer Island
Jim Poff, Renton
Kevin Poole, Renton
Steve Porter, Renton
Lari Power, Mercer Island
Sarah Powers, Bellevue
Jim Price, Newcastle
Ed & Meegan Prince, Renton
Marc & Kaaren Pritchard, Renton
Heather Rane, Bellevue
Bob Raphael, Seattle
Ruth Raskind, Bellevue
Joyce Ray, Renton
Dale Reardon, Issaquah
Alessandro Regio, Bellevue
Irv & Donna Reinke, Kent
Jan Renfrow, Bellevue
Susan Richards, Maple Valley
Darius & Vicki Richards, Renton
Bert & Myrna Richards, Renton
Beth Richer, Seattle
Vera Risdon, Issaquah
Ed & Anne Rittenhouse, Bellevue
Chris Rivera, Maple Valley
Dorene Robinson, Bellevue
Sally Rochelle, Renton
Willa Rockhill, Renton
Cheryl Roodman, Mercer Island
Wendy Rosen, Mercer Island
Sonja Rossman, Bellevue
Larry Rude, Issaquah
Dan Sakaue, Renton
Julie Sarkissian, Mercer Island
Don Savoy, Renton
Dr. Neil Schneider & Sari Rose Schneider, Mercer Island
Charlie & Diane Seitz, Renton
Tana Senn, Mercer Island
Michael & David Serkin-Poole, Bellevue
Nicole & Greg Shay, Renton
John Schuster, Maple Valley
Emily Shaffer, Mercer Island
Barbara Shellan, Bellevue
Orm & Sue Sherwood, Mercer Island
Donna Shirey, Issaquah
Cynthia Shurtleff, Bellevue
Alfred  Shropshire, Renton
Iantha Sidell, Mercer Island
Sarajane Siegfried, Seattle
Duane Silvestri, Newcastle
Stephanie Sloan, Newcastle
Barbara Smith, Mercer Island
Leiana Smith, Renton
Mary Sohnly, Renton
Lucy Almeleh Spring, Bellevue
Nancy Spaeth, Mercer Island
Lynn Staats, Newcastle
John Stewart, Mercer Island
Rodney Stewart, Renton
Grace Stiller, Newcastle
John Stokes, Bellevue
Diana Stone, Mercer Island
Jan Stout, Bellevue
Ron & Robin Stroben, Maple Valley
Marilyn & Jim Sullivan, Renton
Mary Sutter, Mercer Island
Jesse & Lilly Tam, Newcastle
Toni Tardif, Renton
Marian & Tom Tasa, Renton
Bill Taylor, Renton
Ken & Cheri Taylor, Renton
Mike Teal, Renton
Carolyn Thieme, Newcastle
Dave & Suzanne Thompson, Bellevue
Aimee Thornton, Issaquah
Anne & Robert W Thorpe, Mercer Island
Chuck Tiernan, Maple Valley
Linus Toy, Mercer Island
Todd & Debbie Tracy, Renton
Duc Tran, Newcastle
Stephanie Varnadore, Renton
Julie Varon, Newcastle & Mercer Island
Alvina Vaughn, Renton
Steven Wayne, Seattle
Cheryl Webber Veldyke, Seattle
Jim Ventris, Renton 
Pat Vernie, Bellevue
Jim & Kathy VonDerLinn, Renton
Robert von Tobel, Bellevue
Joel Wachs, Mercer Island
May Wan, Bellevue
Barbara Walshe, Renton
Colin & Kristie Walker, Renton
Jody Warren, Issaquah
Larry & Velma Warren, Covington
Steven Wayne, Seattle
Marge M Weissman, Mercer Island
Craig & Heidi Welker, Renton
Maggie Wilkens, Seattle
Michele M. Williams, Renton
Dorothy Williard, Sammamish
Farrell Wilson, Renton
Roger & Marlene Winter, Renton
James Wong, Renton
Raymond & Michelle Woo, Newcastle
Ruth Woo, Seattle
Anne Woodley, Mercer Island
Gale Wright, Renton
John & Noreen Wurl, Renton
Nat Wylie, Newcastle
Peter Yu, Renton
Joan Zatkovich, Bellevue
Don Zender, Sammamish
Cathy Zenka, Renton
Martha Zwicker, Renton