Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587
American Federation of Teachers Washington, AFL-CIO
Cascade Bicycle Club
Children's Campaign Fund "Champion For Children"
Council of Metropolitan Police and Sheriffs
Emily's List  
Equal Rights Washington
King County Police Officers Guild
League of Education Voters "Priority Candidate"
Law Enforcement Officers & Fire Fighters LEOFF I Coalition
Mental Health Advocacy PAC
Mercer Island Reporter newspaper
Mercer Island Education Association
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers, Local 17
International Union of Operating Engineers Washington, Local 302
Pacific Northwest Iron Workers
Planned Parenthood Votes Washington
Renton Chamber of Commerce
Renton Firefighters IAFF, Local 864 
Renton Reporter newspaper
Seattle King County Association of Realtors 
Seattle Police Officers Guild
SEIU, Local 925
Sierra Club, Cascade Chapter
Joint Council of Teamsters, No. 28
UAW Local 4121, Academic Student Employees / University of WA
United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters, Local 32
United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 21
Voters for Affordable Housing
Washington Association of Realtors
Washington Education Association PAC
Washington Federation of State Employees
Washington Public Employees Association, UFCW Local 365
Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Washington State Patrol Troopers Association
Washington State School Retirees PAC
King County Women's Political Caucus
41st District Democrats
East King County Democratic Women
King County Democrats
Washington State Democrats 
Washington State Democrats Latino Caucus 
Washington State Stonewall Democrats

Elected Officials & Dignitaries

(Official titles of individuals are listed for identification purposes only and are not intended to imply organizational endorsements.)    
Sam Amira, Commissioner, King County Water District 90
Bob Anderson, School Board Director, Colville
Ric Anderson, Commissioner, Coal Creek Utility District
Lesley Austin, Former School Board Director, Issaquah
Janet Barry, Retired Superintendent, Issaquah School District
Brent Beden, Retired Captain, King County Sheriff's Office
Aaron Belenky, Past President, Young Democrats of Washington
Peter Bentley, School Board Director, Bellevue
Ken Blair, School Board Director, Bethel
Susan Blake, Former City Council Member & Former School Board Director, Mercer Island
Kathleen "Kay" Brader, School Board Director, Prosser
Debora Boeck, Former School Board Director, Mercer Island
Pat Braman, School Board Director, Mercer Island 
Dr. Don Bressler, President, Renton Technical College 
Terri Briere, City Council Member, Renton
Frank Chopp, Speaker of the House, Washington State
Judy Clibborn, State Representative, 41st District
Barbara Cooper, School Board Director, Anacortes 
Randy Corman, City Council Member, Renton 
Don Custer, Former Mayor, Renton
Chris Davies, School Board Director, Kent 
Aubrey Davis, Former Mayor, Mercer Island
Barbara DeMichele, Former School Board Director, Issaquah 
Lynn Desmarais, School Board Director, Renton 
John DeVleming, School Board Director, Mercer Island
Adair Dingle, School Board Director, Mercer Island
Rudy Edwards, School Board Director, Snoqualmie Valley
Lisa Strauch Eggers, School Board Director, Mercer Island 
Doug Eglington, School Board Director, Lake Washington 
Mark Ericks, State Representative, 1st District
Lowell Ericsson, Former Chair, 41st District Democrats
Mary Fertakis, School Board Director, Tukwila
Connie Fletcher, School Board Director, Issaquah 
Todd Franceschina, School Board Director, Renton 
Ava Frisinger, Mayor, Issaquah
Janet Frohnmayer, School Board Director, Mercer Island
Jean Garber, City Council Member, Newcastle 
Dr. Dolores Gibbons, Retired Superintendent, Renton School District 
Doug Gibbs, Retired Chief, King County Fire District 40 
Richard Gidner, Former Chair, 41st District Democrats & Commissioner, Water District 90
Mary Jane Glaser, School Board Director, Tahoma / Maple Valley 
Mike Grady, City Council Member, Mercer Island
Verna Griffin, City Council Member, Tukwila  
Bob Hasegawa, State Representative, 11th District 
Gene Hawkridge, School Board Director, Northshore
Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel, Superintendent, Renton School District 
Eugene R Heuschel II, Retired LTC, US Army 
Claudia Hirschey, Former City Council Member, Newcastle
Rob Holland, Former Chair, 37th District Democrats 
Bob Homan, School Board Director, Eatonville
Dan Hubbell, Deputy Mayor, Newcastle 
Zack Hudgins, State Representative, 11th District 
Ross Hunter, State Representative, 48th District 
Linda Jackman, Former City Council Member, Mercer Island
Don Jacobson, Commissioner, Valley Medical Center 
El Jahncke, City Council Member, Mercer Island
Fred Jarrett, State Representative, 41st District 
Claudia Kauffman, State Senator, 47th District
Stan Kawamoto, Former School Board Director, Renton
Cindy Kelly, School Board Director, Port Angeles 
Chip Kimball, Superintendent, Lake Washington School District
Dr. Gary Kohlwes, Retired Superintendent, Renton School District 
Denis Law, Mayor, Renton 
Kelli Linville, State Representative, 42nd District
Gary Locke, Former Governor, Washington State
Mike Lowry, Former Governor, Washington State 
Chris Marks, School Board Director, Bellevue
Myron "Max" Maxwell, Past President / Law Enforcement, Int'l Footprinters Assn #17
Rosemary McAuliffe, State Senator, 1st District
Robert McBeth, Retired Judge, King County District Court 
David Merrill, School Board Director, Renton
Steve Miller, Former School Board Director, Bellevue
Paul Mills, School Board Director, Bellevue 
Tom Morris, Former Vice President, Washington Education Association
John I Nelson, Former City Council Member, Mercer Island 
Elliot Newman, Former Mayor, Mercer Island
Jim Nickle, Retired Chief, King County Sheriff's Office
Marcie Palmer, City Council Member, Renton 
King Parker, City Council Member, Renton 
Carolyn Parnell, Commissioner, Valley Medical Center 
Julia Patterson, Chairman, King County Council 
Don Persson, City Council Member & Retired Deputy Police Chief, Renton 
Eric Pettigrew, State Representative, 37th District 
George Pieper, 6th District Human Rights Commissioner, King County
Joy Poff, Former School Board Director, Renton
Margarita Prentice, State Senator, 11th District 
Ed Prince, Board Member, Puget Sound Educational Service District 
Mike Radow, President, Mercer Island Education Association 
Edward Rankin, School Board Director, Vancouver               
Rich Roodman, Chief Executive Officer, Valley Medical Center
Larry Rude, Retired Deputy Chief, Renton Fire Department 
Joshua Schaer, City Council Member, Issaquah 
Phyllis Silling, President, Renton Education Association
Carol Simpson, City Council Member, Newcastle 
Geoff Simpson, State Representative, 47th District 
Jackie Smith, Board Member, Puget Sound Educational Service District
Wayne Snoey, City Council Member, Covington  
Dr. Milton Snyder, Former Superintendent, Federal Way School District                   
Larry Springer, State Representative, 45th District 
Frederick Striker, School Board Director, Battleground 
Janice Tanner, Wife of the Late Mayor Jesse Tanner, Renton
Albert Talley Sr, School Board Director, Renton 
Greg Taylor, City Council Member, Renton 
Pam Teal, School Board Director, Renton
Ted Thomas, School Board Director, Longview
Jeff Thorp, School Board Director, Mukilteo
Rodney Tom, State Senator, 48th District 
Dave Upthegrove, State Representative, 34th District
Carol Van Noy, School Board Director, Riverview 
Ben Varon, Mayor, Newcastle
Velma Veloria, Former State Representative, 11th District 
Larry Warren, City Attorney, Renton
Suzanne Weaver, School Board Director, Issaquah 
Brian Weinstein, Former State Senator, 41st District
A. Lee Wheeler, Retired Chief, Renton Fire Department 
Bill Williams, School Board Director, North Thurston 
Jan Woldseth, School Board Director, Issaquah
Diane Woodman, School Board Director, Freeman 
Rich Zwicker, City Council Member, Renton

Citizen Support

Norm Abrahamson, Renton
Debbie Adair, Woodinville
Ann Adams, Mercer Island
Keith & Audrey Adams, Renton
Lindsay Adams, Seattle 
Joan Addington Bonillas, Renton
Pat Addis, Mercer Island 
Rajendra Agrawaal, Renton 
Janis Ahl, Renton 
Laura Ahlstedt, Bellevue
Esther Akrish, Mercer Island
Tom & Suzy Albrecht, Newcastle 
Jack Alhadeff, Bellevue
Larry & Kim Alhadeff, Newcastle 
Dr. Minnette Almoslino, Seattle 
Jack & Gladys Altabef, Mercer Island 
Marilyn Altschul, Bellevue 
Lauri Amandus, Renton 
Selma Amon, Seattle 
Sol & Tillie Amon, Mercer Island  
Tom & Kalisa Amparo, Renton 
Danielle Anderson, Bellevue
Evangeline "Van" Anderson, Bellevue 
Jackie Anderson, Renton
Kathleen Anderson, Bellevue 
Jim & Phyllis Anderson, Renton
Theresa Anderson, Renton 
Bernice Andrew, Renton 
Jean Angel, Mercer Island  
Grosvenor Anschell, Bellevue
Kathy Argano McKnight, Des Moines 
James Arima, Bellevue
Gary Arnold, Renton
Carol Asahara, Renton 
Riley & Maureen Atkins, Mercer Island
Ahmad Attallah, Bellevue
Pat Auten, Renton 
Barb Avery, Bellevue 
Kathleen Bailey, SeaTac 
Jim & Char Baker, Renton
Linda Baker, Renton
Lorna Baker, Renton 
Randy Bannecker, Seattle
Ray Barilleaux, Renton 
Carla Culver Barnes, Bellevue
Janti Baroh, Mercer Island 
Kathie Barokas, Mercer Island
Dr. Chris Barry, Renton 
Carin Bass, Renton
Peggy Bates, Renton 
Jerry & Jerene Battisti, Renton 
Marsha Baumann
Gordon Baxter, Renton 
Sue Baxter, Renton 
Janet Beach, Newcastle
Theresa Beauchene, Renton 
Steve Beck, Renton
James & Barbara Becker, Bellevue 
James Beckwith Jr, Renton
Ken Beckwith, Renton 
Laurie Beden, Renton 
Stefanie Beighle, Bellevue
Daniel & Jeanne Ben, Bellevue 
David Bennett, Bellevue
Bernie Benveniste, Mercer Island
Greg & Carrie Bergquist, Renton 
Michael Bernstein, Newcastle 
Jim Berreth, Renton 
Gerry Bertagni, Renton
Janet Bertagni, Renton 
Sue Beverly, Newcastle
Bill Billet, Renton
Barbara Billinghurst, Kirkland
Kathy Binder, Bellevue 
Joseph Bisbee, Renton  
Dawn Bjarke, Renton 
Bob & Shirley Blayden, Renton  
Carolyn & Mark Boatsman, Mercer Island
Pam Boeck, Mercer Island
Anthony & MaryEllen Bolden, Renton
Robert G Bonner Jr, Renton 
Trish Bostrom, Mercer Island
Beth Boylan, Bellevue
Don Brackenbush, Bellevue
Dan Braman, Mercer Island
Todd Brannon, Seattle 
Carolyn Branom, Mercer Island
Mark Bratton, Renton
Jim Breckenridge, Bellevue 
Jerry & Mary Brennan, Renton
Michele Coen Brennan, Kent 
Susan Bressler, Renton 
Julie Brewer, Renton 
Nicole Brewer, Renton 
Monte Bridges, Seattle 
Laura Brindley, Mercer Island
Tom Brody, Bellevue
Jane Marie Brown, Renton
Pat Brown, Renton
Kim Browne, Renton 
Richard & Ginette Bruzzi, Renton
Joe & Kelli Bryant, Bellevue 
Jessie Brynan, Mercer Island
Dr. Dan Brzusek, Clyde Hill 
Julia Buller, Renton
Melinda Bumgarner, Renton 
Bill Burris, Newcastle 
P. Tracy Burris, Bellevue
John Burroughs, Renton
Donald M Burton, Seattle
Mary Burton, Renton 
Raymond "Bill" Buxton, Bellevue
Christopher T & Geri Carlson, Renton 
Brad Carlson, Renton
Rune & Sue Carlson, Seattle
Patsy Carmichael, Bellevue 
Lois L Carter, Renton 
James Causey, Mercer Island
Barbara Chadwick, Renton 
Steven Chapman, Mercer Island 
John & Mary Charles, Seattle
Calvin & Lee Chin, Renton
Stephanie Chin, Renton 
Chuck & Donna Christenson, Renton 
Sandy Cirlincione, Renton
Kathleen Clancy, Bellevue
Amanda Clark, Mercer Island
Barbara & Wayne Clark-Elliott, Renton 
Stephen & Theresa Clymer, Renton
Barbara Cohen, Mercer Island  
Mary P Cohen, Seattle 
Brenda Collons, Renton 
John "Jack" Connell, Renton
Alison Conner, Bellevue
Charlie Conner, Renton 
Lisa Contreras, Seattle
Walter & Bessie Cook, Bellevue
Craig Cooper, Renton
Lucy Copass, Mercer Island 
Albert Cordova, Kirkland 
Ed Corker, Newcastle
Karen & Larry Corkins, Renton
Cathy Corman, Renton
Ruthie Cornilles, Renton
Robert C Corwin, Renton
Gail Costello, Renton
Gene Craig, Renton 
William Creel, Bellevue
Larry Crim, Renton
Kim Crotty, Renton
David & Claudia Crowell, Bellevue 
Brett Crueger, Renton
Alex & Norma Cugini, Renton 
Tom & Kathy Dahlby, Renton 
Norma Dalla-Santa, Newcastle
Julie Dalpay, Renton
Jon & Marilyn Danielson, Renton 
Julianna Dauble, Renton
Frank V Davidson, Renton
Susie & Shane Davies, Maple Valley
Garrett & Evelyn DeCerce, Renton
Linda DeCuire, Renton 
Betty DeLaurenti, Mercer Island
Marcia & Doug Delaurenti, Bellevue
Rich DeLorme, Renton
Victor Delucia, Renton
Gerry Desmarais, Renton
Heidi Devereux, Renton
Jim Dierst, Seattle
Maryann DiPasquale, Renton 
Steve Dobson, Renton
Lawrence Dobson, Renton
Denny & Bernie Dochnahl, Renton 
Brendan Donckers, Seattle
Jim & Janice Dougherty, Renton 
Marci Dray, Kent 
Patti Drummond, Hansville
Bob & Judy Dunn, Renton 
Margaret Dunn, Renton 
Pam Dunning, Renton
Darcie Durr, Renton 
Roberta Duvall, Mercer Island
Tracy Ann Dyer, Renton 
Jay & Tracy Dyson, Renton
David Edwards, Renton 
Joel & Sarah Ennis, Renton
Susanna Epler, Newcastle
Rick & Janet Eriksson, Renton
Jack & Stella Eskenazi, Mercer Island 
Jordan Eskenazi, Mercer Island  
Katherine Eskenazi, Seattle 
Mordie Eskenazi, Seattle 
Scott Eskenazi, Bellevue 
Suzanne Dale Estey, Seattle
Dr. Kathryn Fantasia, Bellevue 
Janice Faris, Newcastle  
Brad Farris, Renton
Bob & Debbie Fattore, Renton
Connie Fernandez, Renton
Brian & Stephanie Fife, Renton
Monica Fix, Renton 
Phil Flash, Mercer Island
Marty & Mike Flood, North Bend
Amado & Jamie Floresca, Renton
Bruce Florsheim, Mercer Island
Charlotte Foster, Renton 
David Foster, Bellevue
Sara Franklin, Renton
Rick Franz, Sammamish 
Stefanie Freatman, Seattle 
Larry & Cynda Frisvold, Renton 
Crissandra Fry, Newcastle
Steve Fujiki, Renton
Penny Gagne, Renton
Barbara Galler, Redmond
John & Linda Galluzzo, Newcastle 
Pamila Gant, Kent
Parvin & Al Garman, Bellevue 
Glenn & Ginny Garrett, Renton 
Bill Gaw, Renton
Barbara Geller, Mercer Island
GG Getz, Kirkland 
Becky Gibbs, Renton 
Judy Ginn, Mercer Island
Ray & Lori Giometti, Renton 
Debbie Girias, Bellevue
Paul Glasser, Newcastle 
Lisa Goldsmith, Renton
Jean Gordon, Renton 
John Gordon, Newcastle
Larry Gores, Renton 
Kelly Grace, Renton 
Sean Grady, Mercer Island 
Shelly Graham, Renton
Karen & Charles Grass, Renton 
Tami Green, Renton
Ann Greene, Renton 
Doug & Tish Gregory, Renton
Nancy & Earl Greiner, Renton 
Kim Grinolds, Renton 
Ben Grossblatt, Seattle 
Greg Guillen, Woodinville 
Henry Guillen, Renton 
Bob Gunovick, Bellevue
Jana Gustafson, Seattle
Trish Guthrie, Renton
Tina Gutierrez, Renton
Cindy Haba-Korn, Mercer Island
Sherry Haba, Mercer Island
Jim & Peggie Hafner, Renton 
Victoria Hagen 
Albert & Mary Halela, Bellevue
Lucy Halela, Mercer Island 
Sally Halela, Maple Valley 
Victor Halela, Bellevue
Tillie Halfon, Seattle 
Kathryn Hall, Seattle 
Debbie Hancock, Renton 
Doris Hanan, Mercer Island  
Rochelle Handy, Renton
Linda Hanson, Kirkland 
Jennifer Hanson, Renton 
Dr. J Michael & Ann Hardy, Bellevue 
Justin & Cherish Hart, Renton 
Dana & Janine Hasson, Mercer Island  
Lauren Hasson, Mercer Island 
Steve Hawkins, Renton
Eric Haywood, Renton
Paul & Christine Hazen, Renton 
Linda Helt, Renton 
Harry Hemmat, Mercer Island 
Katie Hennessey, Bellevue
Kim Herman, Bellevue
Andrew Hess, Mercer Island 
Stacey Hesterly, Bellevue
Annie Hetzel, Renton 
Elaine Ho, Newcastle
William Hochberg, Mercer Island 
Kathy Hodge, Bellevue
Nicola Hohn, Bellevue
Lori & Steve Holman, Seattle 
Allison Holz, Renton 
John M Hopkins, Bellevue
Maureen Hoy, Mercer Island 
Bill Hulten, Renton 
Jean Hunt, Mercer Island
Alex Hur, Seattle
Rod & Loretta Hyde, Renton
Bob Hyman, Mercer Island 
Rebecca Hyman, Mercer Island 
Kevin Iden, Renton
Roger Ingalls, Bellevue
Kristin Ireland, Newcastle
Francisco "Frank" Irigon, Newcastle 
Mike & Daisy Israel, Mercer Island
Virginia Israel, Mercer Island
Jeanne Jack, Renton
Jerry & Yelina Jackson, Kent
Bertha Jacobson, Renton
Mickey Jacobson, Renton
Pearl Jacobson, Renton 
Jim Jacques, Renton 
Mac & Sue Jahnke, Renton 
Dave Jahnke, Renton 
Faye Janders, Renton 
Susan Jarrett, Mercer Island
Vickie Jesse, Renton 
Bambi Jilek, Renton
Tracy & Mary Jilek, Issaquah 
Roxanna Johnson, Renton
Sue Ellen Johnson, Newcastle
William Johnson, Renton 
Julie Johnston, Renton
Kimberly Johnston, Mercer Island
Joanne Jordanger, Renton
Julius Jorgensen Jr, Renton
Maureen Judge, Mercer Island
Gene & Donna Kahn, Issaquah 
Marina Kalasountas, Kirkland
Nancy Kalnasy, Mercer Island 
Garry Kampen, Newcastle
Robbi & Victor Karpiak, Renton 
Jerry Kavesh, Mercer Island 
Karen Kawamoto, Renton 
Robert & Sharon Keene, Renton 
Ken Keil, Renton
Dan & Nancy Kellogg, Newcastle
Barbara J Kelly, Mercer Island 
Byron & Paula Kelly, Renton
Daniel Kennedy, Seattle 
Bill & Debbie Keppler, Renton 
Sarah Kezner, Mercer Island 
Brian Kilgore, Bellevue
Vivian Killoran, Renton
Matthew Kimball, Renton
Ron & Clare King, Bellevue
Debbie Kinson, Sammamish
Sheri Kittay, Bothell
Elinor Kleiner, Mercer Island 
Glenn & Linda Knowle, Renton
Betty Kohlwes, Seattle 
Angela Kolczynski, Seattle
Natalie Kolczynski, Issaquah
Jim & Retta Kovacevich, Seattle 
Adria Krail, Renton 
Diana Kramer, Mercer Island
Melody Kroeger, Renton
Ruthann Kurose, Mercer Island
Ray & Jean Kusumi, Renton
Sonja Kyes, Renton
Mark & Jan LaFountaine, Bellevue
Kristine LaFraugh, Renton
Gordon & Lisa Lam, Renton 
Betty Lander, Seattle
Craig & Cathy Landon, Renton 
Brian Larson, Renton 
Paul & Linda Larson, Mercer Island 
Vinson Latimore, Seattle 
Ted LaValley, Renton
Patty Law, Renton 
Melinda & Jeff Lawrence, Renton 
Michael Leahey, Mercer Island
Paul & Christie LeBar, Newcastle 
Steve & Joann Lee, Renton 
Faye Lengenfelder, Renton 
Jan Leonard, Renton 
Joan Lerner, Mercer Island
Judith Lerner, Mercer Island
Jay & Kathy Leviton, Renton 
Paul Levold, Seattle
Diane Lewis, Newcastle
Don & Ann Lewis, Olympia
Nicole Li, Seattle
Chandra Lindquist, Renton
Colleen Lindsey, Bellevue
Terri & Steve Lingenbrink, Bellevue
David Lippmann, Renton
Vikki Littleman, Renton
Donald Lockner, Bellevue
Matt Loschen, Redmond 
Alice Louie, Renton
Jackie Love, Auburn
Adrienne Lowber, Seattle 
Henry Lui, Newcastle
Shanon Lynch, Renton
Lisa Macfarlane, Seattle
Kal & Donna MacGregor, Newcastle 
Tabetha & Kim Magnuson, Renton
Myles & Lisa Magnuson, Renton
Susan Mahler, Seattle
Nadine Mandel, Mercer Island 
Marleen Mandt, Renton 
Connie Mantel, Renton
Gerry & Mary Marsh, Renton
Lee Marshall & Robin Adair Marshall, Renton
Sharon Mast, Bellevue
Dr. Susan Mather, Auburn 
Randy Matheson, Seattle
Dale & Wanda Mattson, Renton 
Denise Maxwell, Renton 
Michael Maxwell, Renton
Marion Maxwell, Renton 
Scott & Marian Maxwell, Renton
Suepattra May, Bellevue 
Tyler Mays-Childers, Renton
Kathy McBeth, Renton 
Jackie McBride, Bellevue
Michelle McBride, Renton
Joe McCleary, Mercer Island
Bob & Sue McCorkle, Renton 
Wade McCorkle, Renton 
John McCormick, Renton
Kiara McCormick, Redmond
Ron McGowan, Seattle
Tim McGrath, Beaux Arts 
Ryan McIrvin, Seattle 
Gail McLendon, Renton
Scott & Robin McMahill, Renton
Kevin & Norma McQuiller, Renton 
Aleda McTigue, Renton
Jerry & Pat Medved, Renton
Jim & Joanne Medzegian, Seattle
Pamela Medzegian, Renton
Sonja Mejlaender, Renton
Rich Menti, Seattle 
Diane Merrill, Renton 
Kirk Merrill, Renton
Dick & Joan Merritt, Bellevue
Sandra Meyer, Renton 
Bob & Rachelle Mezistrano, Bellevue
Brian & Susan Miller, Renton 
Mike & Mary Miller, Renton 
Pamela Miller, Renton
Terry Miller, Seattle
Joyce & Rick Miner, Seattle
Jim Mitchell, Renton
Richard Mitchell, Mercer Island
Kay Mizrahi 
Chris Mochel, Mercer Island
Bill Mokin, Renton
Maureen Monson, Renton
Liana Montague, Mercer Island
Windy Montero, Snohomish
Clyde Moore, Newcastle
Jason Moore, Issaquah 
Rich Moore, Kent
Gerd Moran, Bellevue
Jim & Laura Morgan, Renton 
Isaac Morhaime, Mercer Island 
Cliff & Gail Mork, Leavenworth  
Frances Moschatel, Seattle
Mark Mosholder & Maggie Halela Mosholder, Redmond 
Jim Muir, Renton 
Jeanette Mulvey, Renton 
Michael J Murphy, Mercer Island
David Myerson, Mercer Island
Amanda Nelson
Barbara J Nelson, Renton 
Don Nelson, Bellevue
Keith Nelson, Bellevue 
Christine Neuner, Renton 
Pam Nevi, Renton
Alan Newhouse, Newcastle
Nancy Newman, Mercer Island 
John Niblock, Renton
Rich & Becky Nickels, Kent 
Barbara Nilson, Renton 
Natasha Nimmo, Renton
Patricia Noe, Mercer Island 
Dan Nomura, Renton
Pat O'Brien, Renton
Mike & Valerie O'Halloran, Renton 
Rod & Cathy Ollman, Renton 
Dan O'Neill, Bellevue 
Roy Olson, Issaquah
Dawayne & Annette O'Neal, Issaquah 
Jim Owen, Renton
Sam Pace, Kent 
Alan Painter, Mercer Island
Gary Palmer, Renton
Jeff & Deborah Parsons, Issaquah 
Beverly J Parsons, Bellevue 
Pat Patt, Bellevue
Jim Patten, Renton
Nancy Patterson, Renton 
Richard Patterson, Renton
Armondo & Angela Pavone, Renton 
Elliot Paull, Issaquah 
Roger Paulsen, Renton 
Shannon Payne, Renton
Andrew Peabody, Bellevue
Tony Peacock, Newcastle
Andy & JoAnn Peck, Renton 
Renee Perrault, Renton
Robert Perry, Bellevue
Vicky Persson, Renton 
Rebecca Peterson, Renton 
Penny Pfiester, Woodinville
J Michael & Katy Philips, Bellevue 
Greg & Sherre Piantanida, Renton 
George Pieper, Bellevue 
Terry Pile, Mercer Island
Jim Poff, Renton
Teresa Pollack, Mercer Island 
Joy Polt, Bellevue
Shannon Pool, Renton
Kevin Poole, Renton 
Steve & Nancy Porter, Renton 
Karen Portman, Mercer Island
Kathleen Powell, Mill Creek 
Antoinette "Toni" Pratt, Renton
Jim Price, Newcastle
Ed & Meegan Prince, Renton 
Elizabeth Pringle, Kirkland 
Marc & Kaaren Pritchard, Renton 
Hamid Qaasim, Renton
John & Donna Quesnel, Renton
Bob Raphael, Seattle
Ruth Raskind, Bellevue
Joyce Ray, Renton 
Lora Ray, Newcastle
Jerry Realubit, Renton
Dale Reardon, Issaquah
Dr. Tom Reardon, Renton 
Ernest Reed, Renton
Donna & Irv Reinke, Kent 
Dr. Keith Renfrew, Issaquah 
Darius & Vicki Richards, Renton
Gayle Richards, Kent  
Doris Ridley, Renton
Bill Riley, Puyallup
Vera Risdon, Issaquah
Rebecca Ritchie, Issaquah
Ed & Anne Rittenhouse, Bellevue
Randy & Linda Ritualo, Renton 
Chris Rivera, Maple Valley 
Sally Rochelle, Renton 
Floyd Rogers, Renton 
Mary Roller, Renton
Andre Rollolazo, Renton
Cheryl Roodman, Mercer Island
Sonja Rossman, Bellevue 
Marc Rousso, Renton 
Fred & Polly Row, Mill Creek 
Laura Rude, Issaquah 
Chris & Doretta Runo, Everett
Mary Russell, Mercer Island 
Jennifer Saam, Newcastle
Robert Sacquitne, Mercer Island 
Harvey Sadis, Seattle
Dan Sakaue, Renton 
Gary Sampson, Renton
Mark & Barbara Santos-Johnson, Seattle 
Robert Sargent, Newcastle
Jack Saseshima, Mercer Island 
Don Savoy, Renton
Greg Scheiderer, Seattle
Kandy Schendel, Newcastle 
Mandy Schendel, Newcastle 
Bridget Schlosstein, Bellevue
Dr. Neil & Sari Schneider, Mercer Island
Ruth Schocken, Mercer Island 
David Schott, Renton
Don & Margaret Schumsky, Renton 
Frances Schwartzenberger, Renton
Judy Schwarz, Newcastle 
Crystal Schwenk, Renton 
Christine Scott 
Danny Scott, Newcastle
Sally A Scott, Renton 
Charlie & Diane Seitz, Renton
Tana Senn, Mercer Island
Stephen Shelton, Mercer Island 
Jim Shepherd, Puyallup 
Donald Sherrard, Bellevue
Orm Sherwood, Mercer Island
Brian Shive, Renton
Kathleen Sidwell, Seattle 
Robert Silber, Lake Forest Park
Cindy Silverstein, Issaquah
Anne Simpson, Renton 
Larry & Andy Sleeth, Renton 
Gary Slotnik, Bellevue 
Jane Smith, Issaquah
Joel Smith, Kirkland 
Don Smith, Bellevue
Elinor Smith, Bellevue 
Steve & Patti Smith, Kirkland
Mary Sohnly, Renton 
John & Mackenzie Solaro, Bellevue 
Nancy Somers, Bellevue
Rich Sorensen, Bellevue
Nancy Spaeth, Mercer Island
Peter Spouse, Renton
Lynn Staats, Newcastle
Joe & Loretta Starkovich, Renton 
Tess Staszak, Maple Valley
John Stewart, Mercer Island 
John Stokes, Bellevue
Leigh Stokes, Sammamish 
Rick Stracke, Tacoma
Susanna Stratford, Issaquah
Susan Stronk, Newcastle
Jean Strother, Kent 
Jim & Marilyn Sullivan, Renton
Becky Summers, Renton 
Robert & Joan Summers, Renton 
Ann & Art Swanson, Bellevue 
Jan Swanson, Mercer Island
Dorothy Swarts, Mercer Island
Jack Swisher, Bellevue
Shelly Syverson, Renton 
Y Y Sze, Mercer Island 
Candis Talley, Renton 
Lilly & Jesse Tam, Newcastle
Bill Taylor, Renton
Mike Teal, Renton 
Carolyn Thieme, Newcastle
Charles Thomas, Renton
Mary K Thompson, Renton
Kari Tillman, Newcastle 
Bill Tobias, Seattle
Steve Toole, Bellevue
Todd Tracy, Renton 
Theresa LeVinh Tran, Renton
Creed Tremaine-Nelson, Bellevue
Craig & Jelene Trewet, Renton
Chantel Turner, Renton 
Ikemefuna Udeze, Renton
Harry Ungefug, Renton
Yoshio Uomoto, Mercer Island 
Jim Van Avery, Renton
Stephanie Varnadore, Renton 
Julie Varon, Newcastle
Alvina Vaughn, Renton 
Tony Ventrella, Newcastle
Jim Ventris, Renton
Norma Wadholm, Renton
Matt Wald, Mercer Island
Colin & Kristie Walker, Renton 
Brandon Walker, Seattle 
Charlotte Walsh, Mercer Island 
Brent & Mary Ellen Walton, Renton 
David & Karen Warmenhoven, Renton
Paul & Linda Warmenhoven, Renton
Bill & Jody Warren, Issaquah 
Tony Wartnik, Mercer Island 
Steve & Julie Wasson, Renton
Jason Watabe, Issaquah
Steven Wayne, Seattle 
Cheryl Webber Veldyke, Seattle 
Kathleen L Weber, Kirkland
Leah Webster, Issaquah 
Gary Weil, Renton
Susan Weiss, Seattle
Heidi Welker, Renton
Merna Lasco Wheeler, Renton 
Bill Whitaker, Seattle 
Debbie Wicks, Renton 
Bylund "By" & Phyllis Wik, Renton
Edwin Wildermuth, Renton
Mark & Cindy Wilkins, Renton
Farrell Wilson & Jo Bitney-Wilson, Newcastle
Doris "Dodie" Wine, Bellevue
Roger & Marlene Winter, Renton 
Steve & Mary Winter, Renton
Al Withers, Renton 
Rosemary Withers, Newcastle
Richard Wojcik, Bellevue
James Wong, Newcastle 
Carrie L Wong, Renton 
Ruth Woo, Seattle
Chancel Wood, Mercer Island
Sharon Woodruff, Renton
Bob & Signe Wraith, Renton
Jennifer Wright, Mercer Island
John Wyble, Seattle
Nathaniel Wylie, Newcastle
Rebecca Wynsom, Renton
Ayako Yamada, Mercer Island 
Stuart Yee, Renton
Don & Linda Zender, Sammamish 
Peggy Ziebarth, Renton 
Karen Zimmer, Mercer Island
Bob Zimmerman, Bellevue 
Joe & Terri Zura, Renton
Martha Zwicker, Renton